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Podcast #34 Kevin Folta, PhD

Dr. Kevin M. Folta has a background in both biology and communications. He has studied biology and agricultural biotechnology for over thirty years, working exclusively in public academic institutions.

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Podcast #33 Farmer Veteran Coalition

Today we celebrate two of America’s heroes, our farmers and our veterans. On this episode of #CreamoftheCrop we are introduced to the American Veteran Coalition, “We cultivate a new generation of farmers and food leaders, and develop viable employment and meaningful careers through the collaboration of the farming and military communities.

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Podcast #32 American Farm Bureau

If you are a farmer and haven’t tapped into the benefits of the American Farm Bureau, you will after this episode. Do you know that they offer benefits such as media training, advocacy training, personal and professional development training?

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From Blues to Faith

I’ve been in the produce industry now for more than 30 years and I can testify that we’ve seen a lot of change. The Blueberry industry can also testify that much change has occurred during those 30 years. But not all change is bad.

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Podcast #28 Brittany Lee

She’s a mother, farmer, Executive Director and a force to be reckoned with in the blueberry industry. Brittany Lee, Vice President and Farm Manager of Florida Blue Farms, talks with us about her very full but rewarding schedule of being the Executive Director of the Florida Blueberry Growers Association.

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