Pro Tips to Better Measure Your Sustainability Benchmarks

Every day, we help our customers find success with Highland Hub. One of the things our customers love about Highland Hub isn’t just that their audits go smoothly, but Highland Hub enables them to meet and surpass their sustainability benchmarks.

Highland Hub is a comprehensive compliance software designed to assist businesses in efficiently managing and measuring their sustainability efforts. Our user-friendly platform centralizes the collection and organization of data, allowing companies to set benchmarks, track performance, and generate customized reports to help streamline recordkeeping and daily operational tasks. 

Seven Ways to Use Highland Hub to Better Measure Sustainability Benchmarks

  1. Comparative Analysis: Highland Hub allows you to compare sustainability metrics across different time periods, crops, or locations. This comparative analysis can provide insights into the effectiveness of your sustainability initiatives.
  2. Document Repository: Use Highland Hub as a repository for documentation related to your sustainability initiatives. This includes reports, certificates, and any other relevant materials that support your measurement efforts.
  3. Benchmark Updates: As your sustainability benchmarks evolve, update them within the platform. This ensures that you are consistently measuring your performance against the most current standards.
  4. Long-Term Progress Tracking: Over time, Highland Hub allows you to track your progress towards sustainability goals. Regularly review and analyze data to identify areas of success and opportunities for improvement.
  5. Alerts and Reminders: Configure alerts and reminders within Highland Hub to prompt data entry at specific intervals. This ensures that you have the necessary data to measure sustainability metrics accurately.
  6. Data Collection and Standardization: Highland Hub provides a centralized platform to collect and standardize sustainability-related data. This ensures that all relevant metrics are consistently recorded and organized for accurate measurement.
  7. Auditing Preparation: Highland Hub’s organized data storage can assist in preparing for sustainability audits. Auditors can easily access the data they need to assess your compliance with sustainability benchmarks.


Highland Hub by Highland Ag can help your growing operation demonstrate your dedication to sustainability best practices. How will it help your operation? Get started by booking a call with us today!