Success Stories That Will Make You See Fireworks

At Highland Ag, we understand how important it is to keep your business up and running constantly. Our software can help do just that – keep your business moving forward. But don’t just take our word for it – Highland Hub makes our valued customers see fireworks! 

Highland Hub Reviews

Highland Hub is a digital compliance, sustainability, and enterprise management suite of software that can help revolutionize your business whether you’re a grower, shipper, or packer. 

Anna’s Garden

Just ask Beth McQuaig-McIntyre, Owner and Food Safety Manager for Anna’s Garden how Highland Hub helps her on a daily basis! 

H&A Farms

Highland Hub has been invaluable to Diego Vargas, Director of Logistics & Food Safety at H&A Farms. Here’s what he had to say: 

“The Hub makes my life so much easier…for not only my role, but for the growers I work with as well. Working with 40-45 growers each season requires organization and the Highland Hub ensures our operation stays in sync, while also having access to Highland’s customer support team who is always helpful and available to assist with any questions I have had!”

– Diego Vargas, Director of Logistics & Food Safety, H&A Farms

Soli Organic

Margaret Dominguez, VP of Food Safety & Compliance at Soli Organic, uses Highland Hub for her day-to-day operations, and she’s seen success:

“Implementing Highland Hub helped Soil Organic strengthen food safety culture. The system helped us standardize SOPs and logs among all 12 facilities. It allows us to get a quick snapshot of how our growing and packing operations are performing in regard to sanitation logs, internal audits, etc. We have used Highland Hub for the past couple of years with great success.”

– Margaret Dominguez, VP of Food Safety & Compliance, Soli Organic

Grimmway Farms

Wendell Stockton, Director of Quality Assurance for Grimmway Farms, relies on Highland Ag to stay on top of their food safety management. Learn more about how the largest carrot producer in the world and the largest organic vegetable producer in the United States uses Highland Ag:

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