How to Revolutionize Your Growing Operations

In today’s global marketplace, there’s a need for innovation and technology to help farmers manage their businesses and meet regulatory compliance standards. 

Since we launched the Highland Hub in 2018, I’ve witnessed our customers take control of their business with our suite of software, and it is truly one of the greatest joys of my career. At Highland Ag, we believe in empowering farmers to revolutionize their growing operations with minimal interruptions. We created this compliance software using feedback from growers so that their workflows could be streamlined across the supply chain – from planting to sale.

How Highland Hub is Transforming the Business of Agriculture

Digitizes Compliance Documentation 

We understand that you can’t afford to have your business shut down during audits. The Highland Hub replaces paper documentation and digitizes it in one location. You can give your auditor access to the Hub so that the documentation portion of compliance audits can happen off-site.

Instills Confidence for Audits

The Hub has an Internal Audit feature, which allows you to compare your standard to what your SOPs and documents reflect. It will score your organization in real-time so you can see exactly how audit-ready you are – with no surprises. 

Puts You in the Driver’s Seat

Your organization is unique, and the Highland Hub software is customizable to meet your needs. When there are changes within your organization, your templates and documents will need to change too. I always advise our customers that they need to run their business, and not let their business run them. Highland Hub puts the ownership back in your hands so that you can make edits without having to wait on someone else to do it for you. 

We may develop software, but we still believe in the power of human connection. I may be biased, but I believe that we have the best customer service team in the business. Our experienced team will make sure that you’re onboarded and that you feel comfortable with the software so you can professionally manage your organization without hesitancy. We strive to be our customers’ most valued, trusted partner and not just another cost of doing business. If you’re interested in implementing Highland Hub, contact our sales team today.