Virtualizing the Business of Agriculture

Highland Hub provides tools to help you run your business easily and efficiently.

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A proprietary application that provides essential fresh produce market data and insights.

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Highland Ag MarketWatch™ on a laptop

Beginning with daily logs and ending with an audit report, FS365 offers the tools needed to ensure your entire operation’s food safety documentation is audit-ready, 365 days a year on a virtual platform.

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Highland Ag FS365 Application on a laptop

Crop IQ helps growers manage crop protection and fertilizer application records effectively with the ability to run custom reports, see farm inventory, and receive REI/ PHI notifications in real-time.

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Highland Ag Crop IQ on a laptop

Complete live scouting reports. Attach pictures and notes to determine the best plan of action. Drop a pin in a field and note the pest, disease, and threshold.

Highland Ag Scouting Reports on a laptop

Record custom planting information, including variety, planting ID, plant date, vendor, lot number, and custom fields. Record accurate plant spacing to calculate net acreage.

Highland Ag Site Details on a laptop

Record, organize, and run reports on lab results from your operation. Additionally, link directly to your lab company to eliminate the loss of paper lab results.

Highland Ag Labs on a laptop

Organize company suppliers with ease. Export documentation requests as external links to suppliers, and avoid having to track down documentation.

Highland Ag Site Details on a laptop

Highland Hub, the leading digital platform for fresh food safety and regulatory compliance.

Run your business easily and efficiently, with the goal of enhancing operations, easing the regulatory burden and maximizing your finished-good returns.

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  • VIEW information about your operation from any device.

  • MANAGE all regulatory and compliance in one platform.

  • ACCESS to view real-time data at any time.

  • COMPLETE electronic records from any place.


Wendell Stockton, Grimmway Farms Wendell Stockton, Grimmway Farms

I highly recommend Highland Hub software because it is well designed and well serviced. When they first demonstrated it for me, I was using a competitor’s software, but knew within the first 15 minutes that I would be making a change. The software is a much better value, as well as very user-friendly and customized to my needs. Any questions I have, or issues I face, are immediately addressed with a call to Customer Support and they answer the phone every time!

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Beth McQuaig-McIntyre, Anna's Garden Beth McQuaig-McIntyre, Anna's Garden

The most used piece of the software for Anna’s Garden is Crop IQ. Keeping up with spray records for the farm can be done on the phone while in the tractor. No more transferring notes from paper to computer. Seeing the fields mapped and logging the product used in the database has been very time saving. Highland is continuously taking suggestions from users to make the program more user friendly, even for the digitally challenged like me!

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An app that delivers fresh produce market data from the USDA into clean, industry-tailored, dynamic dashboards, enabling businesses to quickly identify market trends

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Highland Fresh is dedicated to improving arrivals and strengthening food safety and sanitation programs.

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The heart of Highland Ag Solutions (HAS) is to fight for the American farmer. Epic Affect is the non-profit branch of HAS that puts a face to the farmers that are worth the fight.

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