Podcast #54 Soli Organic, Margaret Dominguez

June 20, 2022

In this episode, we chat with Margaret Dominguez, Vice President of Food Safety and Compliance at Soli Organic. Soli (formerly known as Shenandoah Growers) is the nation’s most commercially advanced indoor agriculture company. Margaret shares the “secret sauce” behind Soli and their growth as the nation’s leading grower of fresh organic culinary herbs, providing sustainable, organic greens and produce to retailers coast to coast.

For more than five years, Margaret has worked on elevating their food safety program and building a food safety culture nationally across all Soli Organic locations. She is a food safety professional with more than 13 years of experience in the food industry. Margaret received her B.S. degree with a major in Food Science and Technology and a Masters of Science in Food Management from Warsaw Agriculture University in Poland. In addition, she earned her Master of Food Safety and Technology from the Illinois Institute of Technology. Before Soli, she held various food safety and sanitation roles at Kellogg’s and Fair Oaks Farms, a meat processing company based in Wisconsin.