The Produce Safety Rule and FSMA Explained

Kaylee Norris and Bristol Wells, head up our Food Safety Team at Highland. In this video, they dive into the Produce Safety Rule and FSMA. Kaylee and Bristol cover the important details to help you better understand the rule, and how it affects your daily operation. The Produce Safety rule came into effect in 2016, and by 2020 all farms, large and small will be expected to be compliant. Depending on your facility and what you are packing, or packing/holding product for outside of your organizational structure you could be required to be compliant with the Preventative Controls for Human Food as well. Other important and helpful programs such as the On Farm Readiness Review, help make sure your operation is ready for these inspections. They also cover the areas that the state inspector will be looking for during these inspections. Get ready for your next inspection!