Why the Berry Market is Ripe for Disruption

I’ve been in the Florida berry agriculture scene for my entire career, so I can “talk shop” about them all day without getting tired of it. But after 12+ years of working on the operations side of the berry business, I’ve learned that it’s ripe for disruption, and that’s why I wanted to join Highland Ag

A Digital Revolution for the Berry Market

The berry market has grown exponentially over the last few years, but many growers’ operations haven’t kept up. With more competition than ever before, berry growers must think differently to keep improving the overall berry experience. Around here, we always say that we create software that helps farmers more professionally run their growing operation, and that is especially true for berry growers. Highland Ag MarketWatch is a SAAS software that is uprooting classic inefficiencies in the fresh produce industry, and therefore disrupting the market by:

Using Real-Time Data From Trusted Sources

Before Highland Ag MarketWatch, teams in the berry fields could be delayed because of the uncertainty of pack sizes. You could lose out on good daylight and a strong team because of the information delay. But Highland Ag MarketWatch changes all of that! It integrates with fresh produce ERPs so data is available in real-time so you’re avoiding costly delays. 

Easily and Quickly Spot Trends

Highland Ag MarketWatch tracks category trends in real-time, and it allows you to see your own portfolio performance compared to the rest of the category. The platform can dynamically filter and slice easy-to-understand charts and graphs so you can get a macro and micro view of the state of the industry. When you’re armed with this depth of data, you can more accurately create your pricing and go-to-market strategies, and continue to improve. 

Improving Grower Relations

Your partner growers want to hear from you frequently about the state of your brand. When you have a smart, customizable dashboard that updates in real-time, you’re better equipped to answer questions that your partners may have. When you’re armed with relevant stats about the industry as a whole and stats about your operation, you can instill confidence in your grower partners. 

It’s been incredible to watch how Highland Ag MarketWatch is easing traditional pain points for growers. What used to hold the industry back is now a strategic “ace in the hole.” If you’re interested in getting Highland Ag MarketWatch for your operation, contact me and I’ll be happy to help.