Meet the Team

Justin Machell
Chief Executive Officer

When I think about the Highland brand and what we want it to convey, I think about our love and passion for farmers and the food distribution chain that supports them.

In today’s global marketplace, competition amongst food producers has never been stronger and regulatory compliance so challenging and costly. There is a need for innovation and technology to help farmers more professionally manage their businesses. We are driven to meet this need by developing world-class software and creative solutions to tackle the industry’s most pressing needs and virtualize the business of agriculture.

When we see a customer take control of their business instead of letting the business run them, it’s an amazing transformation. We strive to be our customers’ most valued, trusted partner and not just another cost of doing business.

Steve Maxwell

Founder, Chairman of the Board

Justin Machell

Chief Executive Officer

John Baird

Chief Financial Officer

Frank Kelsey

Chief Science Officer

Brent Lewis

Product Manager, (BI) Business Intelligence

Drew Mery

Data Analyst

John Pedrotti

Product Manager Associate

Brian Deese

Sales Manager

Tara Stroud

Director of Customer Success

Kori Davis

Account Manager

Jasmin Guardado

Account Manager

Sarah Taylor

Account Manager

David Bagley

Account Manager

Josh Beatty

Account Manager

Robin Downs

Accounts Payable

Vicki Maxwell

Treasury Management

Sherri Stanley


Mindy Thomas

Accounts Receivable

Frank Pernicano

Director of Engineering

Kevin Dorsett

Principal Software Engineer

Alexander Fininis

Software Engineer

Rodney Rose

Software Engineer

Scott Santmyer

Senior Quality Assurance Engineer

Luis Meza

Senior Software Engineer

Justin Williams

Senior Software Engineer

Vincent White

Lead Software Engineer

Josh Stockdale

Front End Software Engineer

Gabriel Garcia

Junior Software Engineer

Heather Turner

Software Engineer

Devisha Vyas

Quality Assurance Engineer

Mikayla Rogers

Product Manager

Joshua Studebaker

Product Manager

Daviela Ramirez

Database Specialist II

Charles Elliott

Director of User Experience

Suzie Berry

UX Architect

Kelly McCabe

Senior UX Architect

Jodi Lewis

Marketing Manager