Quality, Food Safety and Sanitation for the Produce Industry
Utilize our 4-step process to improve arrivals and enhance your food safety program.
Introducing Clear Out Odors™
Don’t cover up the odor! Eliminate the odor from garbage, smoke, in trailers, and more!
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The Food Safety Tools You Need For Produce Safety and Preventive Control Compliance

Highland Fresh Technologies features products specifically formulated to work under real-world conditions in the fresh produce industry.

The 4 Step Process to Improving Arrivals and Enhancing Your Food Safety Program

Step 1 • Product Washing, Cleaning, & Coatings

Produce Cleaning Soaps

Step 2 • Equipment Cleaning & Maintenance

Step 3 • Verification

Step 4 • Facility Sanitation

Deodorizing • Commercial and Residential Odor Eliminator

Clear Out Odors™

  • Eliminate Odors
  • No mixing of chemicals
  • Just add water

Organic Grower?

Here’s an exciting opportunity for organic packers!
Highland Fresh is pleased to offer the following OMRI certified products for use in organic processing. 
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