From Blues to Faith

I’ve been in the produce industry now for more than 30 years and I can testify that we’ve seen a lot of change. The Blueberry industry can also testify that much change has occurred during those 30 years. But not all change is bad. The change of being single to married is good (at least it’s supposed to be), graduating high school or college is also good, but one thing common with all change…is uncertainty. Uncertainty opens Pandora’s Box of emotions; fear, excitement, anxiousness and anxiety can all be associated with uncertainty.  

One of the great benefits our Creator placed within us, is our ability to rise above the emotion and make decisions and move forward. Our emotions, intellect and personalities are found in what is called our souls. The part of us that can override the soul is found in what the good Book calls our spirit. Inside the spirit is the place thoughts generate from. The spirit also hosts our willpower and it’s where we connect to God. The spirit is like the software that drives your computer applications. Normally what we put into our spirit usually surfaces in the soul and ultimately translates into the physical realm. The secret to a successful life I have found, is our ability to override the soul with our willpower. Having control of our soul is the secret to achieving our full potential. 

The Blueberry industry continues to change. We have lots of threats to the industry. Anxiety and fear and even anger can set in and set a tone of doubt and negativity. These are the times that we take a deep breath and push past the matters of the soul and get down to the heart of the matter which is found deep inside our will. Where are we? Where do we want to go? What is the best path forward? Once we’ve answered those questions, we then decide to pursue the path forward with our will. Our will overcomes our fear, our will out shouts the pessimist voice within us and our will becomes the driving force for proactive measures. Our will leads us into action which controls change which then sets a new course for our lives and our businesses. Dealing with change is never easy, never was it promised to be, but we have the road map for dealing with change written 2,000 years ago. It’s the roadmap that leads us from Blues to Faith!