It’s All About Customer Service

Jodi Lewis • October 2022

Customer Service is the backbone of any business or organization. In fact, 90% of Americans use customer service to decide whether or not to do business with a company. At Highland Ag Solutions, the customer always comes first. 99% of users say our Service Specialist Team goes above and beyond to make sure operations can implement Highland Hub with ease.

“When we see a customer take back control of their business instead of letting the business run them, it is an amazing transformation. We strive to be our customers’ most valued and trusted partner, and not just another cost of doing business.”

– Justin Machell, Chief Executive Officer.

At Highland Ag Solutions, we are dedicated to providing a customer-centric culture. We promise to provide our customers with transparent and timely service. All of our processes are centered around the main goal of increasing your efficiency. Our team is a phone call away 24/7, with real people in real time.

Meet The Service Specialist Team

In honor of customer service week, we want to introduce each of our Customer Service Specialists, beginning with Anne Barnhill, Service Specialist Manager and fourth-generation blueberry farmer. Anne has been in food safety for eight years. Agriculture is a passion of hers, and she is happy to help customers succeed with their farms! Anne holds HACCP, PCQI, and PSA certifications.

“As a child, I would stand on picking lugs to reach the packing table so that I could pack berries. Of course, that was many, many years ago before Food Safety was a thing! Knowing that I have helped just ONE farmer is a sense of accomplishment. Food Safety is an essential part of agriculture, and I am very grateful that I am a part of something so important.”

-Anne Barnhill, Service Specialist Manager

Dennis Aguilar’s experience in America and Europe with organic fruit and vegetable producers has allowed him to compare the different cultures and to be aware of the necessities they all have in common in the agricultural field. Demanding technological tools in crop production, food safety, and data analysis helped him realize how important it is for growers to virtualize and keep track of all the procedures in their daily operations especially having operations in different cities or countries, and to be updated with the worldwide situation in the various markets. 

“I feel happy contributing to agriculture through Highland Ag Solutions and providing efficient tools to our customers that make these steps easier.”

– Dennis Aguilar, Service Specialist

In the Spring of 2019, Haley graduated from Tennessee Tech University with an International Business Degree and a Minor in Spanish. She has always been passionate about people and traveling and hoped these passions would develop over into her future career path. Haley joined Highland Ag Solutions in 2020 and has been a major asset to our customers for the last 2 years.

“With a heavy influence from my father’s food safety background, I was propelled forward into the agriculture industry. As a recent transplant into this industry, I am excited to have the opportunity to support growers as they look to virtualize their operations!”

– Haley Stockton, Service Specialist

Prior to joining Highland Ag Solutions, Sass Boles was the Food Safety Coordinator for a watermelon broker, handling the Food Safety operations for 9 Growers and 7 Packing Houses from Florida to Delaware and managed Primus audits at each location. She holds certifications in FSPCA, PSA, HACCP, and Harmonized Food Safety Auditor Training.

“Beginning in February of 2022, I accepted a Service Specialist position with Highland Ag Solutions, continuing to do what I love. If I had known about Highland Hub before leaving my position as Food Safety Coordinator, it would have saved a lot of miles and paperwork.”

– Sass Boles, Service Specialist

Hear From Our Customers

“Any questions I have, or issues I face, are immediately addressed with a call to Customer Support and they answer the phone every time!



“Highland is continuously taking suggestions from users to make the program more user-friendly, even for the digitally challenged like me!”