A Look into the Future

When we look way back to 2005, at the beginning of Highland, there was a very small group of people learning about an emerging need in the produce industry. That small group had limited knowledge about the plastics and packaging world, and each day was a learning experience. It was an opportunity to listen to our growers who we were servicing and create packaging that fit their needs.

Our first core belief was that the customer always comes first and we were dedicated on providing a world-class customer experience for every grower, large and small. Along the way we found champions in every department, leading the company with the very same focus. The second key was a total focus on cutting edge technology in the equipment we used for manufacturing. By keeping the entire operation with the latest and most efficient machinery, and with the Customer First focus, Highland became the leader in the produce industry for thermoform packaging.

Five years ago, some of that very same team identified another need for growers by developing technology at Highland Precision Ag. We found that most technology for growers was dedicated on very large row crop operations. Specialty crops were being left out of most of the vital data available to maximize time, inputs, forecasting and profits. We designed Highland HUB to put this valuable information at growers’ fingertips with advanced, real-time analytics. Most importantly, it became a quick and simple use platform for any device. The trends we have seen so far have dramatically reduced food safety input and audit times, fast and accurate spray records, fingertip access to weather and soil moisture data, and simple retrieval of historical data for the farm and packinghouse. Our world class development team is committed to finding and developing the best technology to blend with the tremendous knowledge, experience and passion our growers have. I invite you to come experience what we now have grown to be, Highland Ag Solutions, a source for farm management, food safety, growers services, packinghouse sanitation and crop protection. Soon to be available is Crop Estimation and live market products designed to maximize grower returns. The future is HERE.

Walt Shappley began his career at Highland in 2005 in the packaging division supervising the shipping and receiving department, warehouse and label application. In 2007, Walt moved into the Highland Fresh Technologies division where he lead the sales team. In 2019, Walt stepped into the role of Director of Marketing and Customer Experience for Highland Ag Solutions.